ATOM Field Target - Alustock & Laminate/Wood nearly complete - images to be posted soon...

IROSA black Anodise Alu Stock + Fwb 800

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#1 IROSA black Anodise Alu Stock + Fwb 800

Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:47 pm

credit: ... uftgewehr/

..Here she is, the IROSA stock for Fwb800 ; a "cheap & cheerful as chips" alu stock (made in Germany , and not in China)

Only "extra" option was to request a Black anodise finish.

So , be on look out when she is maxed & pimped out in next few days :mrgreen:

Will be fitting the 2nd spare "Jon Harris Modded" Fwb 800 action , and laminate parts to see how she comes together & handles.

NB: So cheap - I have no problem "junking" the fixed butt plate...and perhaps recyling it to a laminate wood stock ?!

Here is the weight of the stock as is:2.4 Kg and roughly & under 5 1/2 lb.
Irosa - 4.jpg
Irosa - 5.jpg
Irosa - 6.jpg
Irosa - 1.jpg
Irosa - 2.jpg
Irosa - 3.jpg
Irosa -6.jpg

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