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New bod with a small collection

Favourite airgun brand ?: Daystate
Country where you live ?: England
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#1 New bod with a small collection

Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:48 pm

Hi all- new to this forum, but looking forward to reading some great posts:)
For shooting, I tend to have a bit of a mixed bag, as I am happy to try pretty much anything and it works for me, I'm sold on it :)
In no particular order, (it changes day to day to be honest) I have my latest find- had to go northward for work, and to drop off a gun for repair, and saw a lovely FWB 800X. Normally I would control the urge (that's a lie, to be honest) and for the price it had to come home with me.
Prior to that my main was a Huntsman Regal that swapped with a Wolverine 2- very different guns but both lovely to shoot. Pulsar in 22 tends to get out little, as its 22 and a few others lurking around. Special mention though to the Webley FX2000- old but still a lovely gun to shoot!
Apologies for the poor photos, even worse as I tend to be the taking photos for everyone else!
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Favourite airgun brand ?: Feinwerkbau 800
Country where you live ?: United-Kingdom
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#2 Re: New bod with a small collection

Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:14 am

Welcome on board !

Nice gun collection ! now just get tidying up please :lol:

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