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S&B - Field Target 2.1 "Advanced Version"


#1 S&B - Field Target 2.1 "Advanced Version"

Tue May 23, 2017 5:38 pm

"Hi all,

perhasp it is of some interest for some of you.

It seems so that S&B has quitely upgraded the internals of their FT2 model. I had a chance to play arond with one of the upgraded models for 2-3 hours few week ago. I also had the chance to directly compare the current FT2 model with the new one. My personal observation was (but please note that I am really a pretty lousy German FT shooter (although with good eyes) and more shooters need to check): wider FOV, slightly brighter, much better snap-in in range finding @45-50m (the distance on the standard wheel was around 4mm/m and equal for the entire range from 9 – 50m).

As far as temp shifting is concenred I did not have the time to check.

I also heard the rumour that one or two of the new ones may also be in UK for testing/review.

Overall it was very promising but let’s see whether it can deliver what it promises.

I understood it may hit the market beginning of July (this year).

Tom555 "
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#2 Re: S&B - Field Target 2.1 "Advanced Version"

Tue May 23, 2017 7:23 pm

So WHO will publicly speak for S&B FT II ??? :?: :lol:

>> ... et-ii.html

NB: Tom555 sounds like a Tommy Plant ;) - know what I mean ? remember reading them small comic books as a kid... called "Commando" :?: :o :lol:

I suggest you ALL contact S&B here: ... ?view=form to find out WHO was the engineer responsible who sorted these out after 2 years wait...
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#3 Re: S&B - Field Target 2.1 "Advanced Version"

Wed May 24, 2017 4:24 pm

Wonder if this was the one at the Show in February that wasn't well appraised by a Kahles and then Sightron user.
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