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"Metisse" - Whats in a Name ?

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#1 "Metisse" - Whats in a Name ?

Tue May 15, 2012 1:15 pm


"Ben Taylor’s revolutionary new rifle – the Metisse

The Metisse is a unique rifle boasting a number of very specialised features which improves the rifle performance way beyond what’s currently available in the market. It runs on compressed air or CO2.


- A patented co-axial valve in line with the hammer and barrel delivering increased consistency and efficiency of discharge.
- The patented SmoothTwist™ barrel system which gives greater accuracy on the target due to the improved ballistic co-efficiency – with no rifling grooves cut in to the barrel, drag is dramatically reduced.
- A miniature version of the BT regulator which, combined with another design 1st, can regulate the Co2 down to 500 PSI, resulting in 1000- 2000 shots per fill for 12ft lb rifles.
- A receiver machined from a solid billet of 7075 aircraft grade aluminium. Several key components are machined from solid titanium including the valve mechanism.
- An action which is a 2 shot shuttle loading rifle making available an instant second shot as the lever is cocked."

Additional Review: 1st May, 2012 - ... _1_1365322

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