ATOM Field Target - Alustock & Laminate/Wood nearly complete - images to be posted soon...

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Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:30 am

Contact: Josef
Czech Republic


email: josef1000(AT)

NB: Please use Google Translator, and translate English to Czech, as unfortunately Josef does not read or write English; so keep your message simple.

NB: His Steyr Quick fill is priced at Cz 1500 / GBP51 / Euro60 (DOES NOT include P&P)

IMPORTANT: you would need a COMPETENT gunsmith to install it for you on your air cylinder.
Steyr - rychloplnění.jpg
Steyr - Open - DSC08122.JPG
Steyr - Closed - DSC08121.JPG
Steyr Black - cylinder QF - DSC08124.JPG

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