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NEW ACTION (!!) - Bench Rest from the MVG boyz !!!!!!!!!!

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#1 NEW ACTION (!!) - Bench Rest from the MVG boyz !!!!!!!!!!

Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:09 pm

From James Mitchell (SA):

"Its obviously not completely home-build but rather sort of a modified S400. Had this old S400 in the cupboard that I always wanted to convert to a .20 and one thing lead to another. I've been working on this rifle since last year sometime but eventually managed to complete it a few months back. Was going to anodize the ally parts but decided I'm going to leave it as is as I have spent enough time on this already.

Its a .20 for the HV bench rest class and its set up at just below 20fpe. The action works a little bit like the Steyr's in the sense that there is no port in the barrel and air comes from behind the pellet. I think the design is unique and is not not a copy anything to my knowledge. After LOTS of initial niggles and trial and error, reliability has been flawless to date. Accuracy and consistency is also very good. The rifle has been shot in the last NGBSA and SGBSA league shoots and best results so far was a score of 248 (can't remember X's now) and a win in the Unlimited Grouping Class, so I'm extremely happy with the end result. Was a great learning experience and had lots a fun building it but I think one is enough to satisfy my rifle building dreams for a while :mrgreen: ".

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