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Side Shot Scope Cam

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#1 Side Shot Scope Cam

Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:12 pm

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Side-Shot Phone Mount kit comes with 1 complete Side-Shot, 1 Scope clamp of your choice (3 scope clamps are in the picture to show different sizes, comes with 1 clamp) in 1 inch (25mm), 30mm or 34mm size (to fit scope tube size) and 1 stabilizer bar (plastic piece that snaps onto your scope and dampens vibrations) Side-Shot is a universal phone adapter that holds your smart phone securely and adjusts to different phone sizes and phone brands so you don't have to keep buying more holders each time you get a new phone. Its quick change system lets you switch from one gun to the next in seconds!!! The best part about Side-Shot is that it allows you to shoulder your rifle like normal and look through your scope like normal while still recording!

Attn: In the coming weeks, we will be adding additional scope clamps that you will be able to pre-order as well. So that you can order as many scope clamps as you would like.

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