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This used to be a .223 Air Ranger


#1 This used to be a .223 Air Ranger

Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:39 pm

I once bought a caliber .223 Daystate Airranger. When I got it, it wasn't looking too good. The whole gun was painted(!) black, and someone had been very creative with a Dremel tool to..."modify" the breech. Speaking of which, the whole breech was only held to the gun with one and a half screw. Some previous owner also decided to fit a shroud around the barrel for a "bull barrel" look.

I was ready to burst in tears.

But didn't, I took the lesson not to buy from a picture and decided to ressurect the rifle. I've pulled the paint from the stock and action, made new screws after I sourced a replacement breech block. I then decided to go nuts with the new blasting cabinet I got. The .223 didn't perform as I anticipated but luckily I had a long .20 barrel lying around. I ported it to the Daystate breech and shot it for a whole. Turns out the hammer spring of an Airranger is quite stiff, so ended up remaking the bold handle to make it an easier to cock rifle. It was shooting great with Sam Yang 23gn pellets, and the best group I printed was 18mm at 50m. It shoots 53ft/lbs with those things, plenty of power there. All this happened in the course of several months and several iterations. Oh, and I also fitted a target trigger from Rowan Engineering in the UK, a shop I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to pimp up their airgun.

I managed to scour some pictures of the gun, I've included them. I sold it a while back, which I shouldn't have.

I should also make more pictures :)

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