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RAW TM1000 - Field Target 18 ft/lb model

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#1 RAW TM1000 - Field Target 18 ft/lb model

Mon May 29, 2017 1:38 pm

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"Selling my personal FT back up gun, TM1000 .177. Red laminate LRT stock with adjustable cheekand butt pad, longer accessory T rail. 280 cc bottle 220 bar, new high pressure regulator, approx. 90 shots with 10.34 gr at 885 fps. L/W bbl with standard rifling, indexed, carbon fiber sleeve, custom LDC tuned to this rifle, very accurate. "V" quick fill and gauge. Trigger set single stage at 1.9 oz. LOP 13.75" and comes with two additional .4" LOP spacers. This gun is very accurate and in absolutely perfect condition. Scope, rings and case not included. $2000 plus shipping."

The buddy bottle front cylinder doesnt lend the whole rifle to FT (IMHO)...nor the stock...besides it's 18 ft/lb but I suppose this would be more of a multi purpose rifle set up...

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