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Rohm Air Hunter - next to Steyr LG110 FT & Walther LG300 Alu

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#1 Rohm Air Hunter - next to Steyr LG110 FT & Walther LG300 Alu

Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:34 pm

...I used to own the Rohm Air Hunter, but sold it off even before charging it and shooting off a few rounds...why ? I decided only to collect "FT" type air rifles sometime in Jan/Feb 2010, and knew at the rate I was collecting, whats the point owning an airgun that will never see light of day ? regrets ? none...would I buy the Rohm Air Hunter again ? yes. When ? ... sometime in the future when I have exhausted buying up all the various 'FT' type air rifles to my hearts content :mrgreen:

(NB: Yes, that is a Ginb clone Steyr Hunter stock...I encouraged Andrea to make me the 1st prototype...which I had to sell in the end, as the grip was too any of you Ginb clone stocks owners, you now know I was the chap who got this Ginb model off the ground :D )

Pics. Taken in Dec. / 2009
My Collection DSC_0233.JPG
My Collection DSC_0252.JPG

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