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Walther anounces: Production of the Walther LG300 is Ending

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#1 Walther anounces: Production of the Walther LG300 is Ending

Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:56 pm

The Carl-Walther newsletter announces that the Walther LG300 will no longer be produced:

"In diesem Jahr müssen wir uns von einigen langjährigen „Wegbegleitern“ verabschieden. Die Klassiker Hämmerli Sportpistole SP20 und die Luftgewehr Modellreihe Walther LG300 werden aus dem Sortiment genommen. Aber dies ist kein Grund zur Traurigkeit, Sie profitieren durch die „Partnerschaft im Sportschießen“ zwischen dem Deutschen Schützenbund und Walther durch deutliche Preisnachlässe."
In English:
"This year, we have to say goodbye to two longtime "companions". The classic Hämmerli SP20 target pistol and the Walther LG300 air rifle will be taken out of the assortment. But this is no reason to be sad, you will benefit by the "Partnership in Shooting" between the German Shooting Federation and Walther by significant discounts."

This probably means that if you want a new LG300 Dominator you have to be very quick to order one. And maybe you're allready too late. I know that Walther made and sold a new Dominator, available in laminate stock only, in December 2014.

On the other hand no reason to weep: The LG400 is the better successor to the LG300. See: ... ld-target/
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#2 Re: Walther anounces: Production of the Walther LG300 is End

Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:10 pm

To be honest I thought they had stopped making the Dominator some time ago, and when I wanted one I just looked for a s/h one in all the usual places.

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